Our Mission

Redgum Cleaning Cooperative is committed to providing high quality eco-friendly home and office cleaning services. We are building communities resilient to economic insecurity and climate crisis. We do this through worker-controlled direct democracy and dignified jobs grounded in an economics of care. 


Redgum members recognise that we live and work on Country stolen from the First Nations People of the Kulin Nation. Redgum members are committed to the cause of Treaty and pledge to take practical steps towards decolonisation in Australia. 

Our Aims

Demonstrate the environmental and health benefits of green cleaning

Enable the active participation of members in governing their workplace

Help members to improve their life circumstances though education, personal development and training

Promote the benefits of worker-owned cooperatives to the broader community

Our Story

The first members of Redgum Cleaning Cooperative met at a community forum on worker cooperatives, hosted in Melbourne by Earthworker in 2015. Earthworker Cooperative brings together people on common ground for grassroots action to solve the social and environmental problems faced by local communities and the planet. The Earthworker forum sowed the seeds for what then became a loose group of people collaborating to create a worker owned cleaning business from the ground up.

Members, driven by their past experiences working in precarious and exploitative industries such as cleaning and retail sectors, came together wanting to create something better for themselves and others in the Melbourne community. In early 2018, Redgum Cleaning Cooperative officially launched. Since then, members have been busy keeping clients happy and healthy with sparkling clean homes, as well as working hard to grow the business and educate more people about the cooperative movement.

Our Members


Worker member

Pete has 3+ years experience in the cleaning industry. Pete has dedicated much of his life to volunteering for community projects, helping to improve the lives of others, such as refugees and asylum seekers. He’s also studying a diploma of community services.  When he’s not dusting off your old books, he can be found playing noise music at any Melbourne benefit gig.


Worker member

Satya has been working with Redgum for more than a year as a Worker Board member and payroll officer. He likes to cook and engage in outdoor activities. He is interested in travelling, learning new culture and traditions.


Worker member, Union delegate & Membership Officer

Bio coming soon!


Worker member

Zeb has been cleaning with Redgum for over a year. She loves grassroots climate action, greyhounds and polishing taps.


Worker member in training

Bio coming soon!


New trainee!

Bio coming soon!


Board member, Advisory

Ella has several years experience in the green cleaning industry and has been active in the community as a  science teacher and volunteer. Ella’s strengths lie in governance and organising things. She loves getting outdoors and when she isn’t polishing your kettle or answering enquiries, she can be found plotting her next big hiking adventure, or out foraging. 


Worker member, Accounts & Co-op secretary

Jason has worked as a green cleaner for 3+ years and has prior work experience running an art supplies business. With an innate love for formulas, he is our go to guy for finance stuff and spreadsheets. Jason actively supports workers’ rights and is dedicated to improving the lives of others through his community activism.


Worker member & Admin officer

Eleanor has over 7 years experience in the cleaning industry and has worked in various other service-based industries. As a key organiser for Earthworker cooperative, Eleanor is our main connection to the broader co-op community. She enjoys gardening and making all sorts of things from scratch.


Worker member & Admin officer

Bio coming soon!


Worker member in training
Bio coming soon!


Board member, Advisory

Formed in compost and shrouded in mystery, Sean has been actively volunteering and organising in cooperatives and grassroots community organisations for the last decade. When not chopping vegetables for fermenting or cooking, he enjoys growing them, and amongst all this is trying to find the time to establish a career as a Shiatsu therapist. 

Cleaning and Cooperatives

A Match Made in Melbourne

Cleaners are some of Australia’s most underpaid and exploited workers – some have up to $14,000 stolen from their wages each year. Many cleaning companies use subcontractors to illegally underpay cleaners and deny them basic entitlements such as annual leave and sick leave. You can read this report on the exploitation of international students in the cleaning industry in Melbourne, published by United Voice Victoria.


Redgum Cleaning Cooperative aims to turn that around by creating more dignified, well-paid, safe and secure jobs for its members. Redgum is wholly owned and operated by us – the cleaners. Each member has equal voting rights and decisions are made democratically. We believe that if we are to nurture our environment and community, then we need a proper say in the economy, and bringing democracy into the workplace is a good place to start. 

Our Community

Redgum Cleaning Cooperative is committed to building links with community organisations and other cooperatives. As a member of Earthworker’s network of cooperatives, once our business model is proven and our income is established, we will contribute a portion of our profits to a fund that will aid the development of other worker-cooperatives, provide important services to worker-members, and support social justice projects. 

We are grateful to the support of the following organisations: