Editor’s Column: It’s a Long Way to the Mop if you Want to Rock and Roll!

Welcome to the first issue of The Cleaner, Greener Times. It’s the one year anniversary of the Redgum
Cleaning Cooperative, so we thought we’d start a newsletter to celebrate!

We have achieved a lot in the past year. Redgum cleaners started this cooperative from scratch. This
is a huge achievement, when you think about how thin on the ground worker-owned cooperatives are
in Australia. Redgum learned how to do most things the hard way: the founding members did not have
much of a pool of knowledge to draw from.

One year into operations, we have five full worker-owners and three trainees. Business is good. We get
more enquiries than we can take up!

A lot has happened in the past few months. We are changing over to Xero accounting software, which
should make for less headaches. Our newbies are settling in, including the editor of this very newsletter.
On top of everything we do at Redgum, we also maintain a relationship with our Earthworker
mothership: the peak body seeking to set up a whole network of environmentally minded worker-owned
cooperatives in Australia.

None of this would have been possible without our clients. So we’d like to give a clean, green, cooperative
thank you to all of you! This editor gets a lot of joy out of going out into the community and making your
houses nice.

We hope to fill this newsletter with all kinds of interesting bits and pieces. We have a big vision.
You’ll find everything here from green-cleaning tips to trade unionism and beyond. We look forward to cooperating with you on a shared journey to cleaner, greener times. – F.I.