Terms of Service

By engaging the services of the Redgum Cleaning Cooperative (Redgum), you acknowledge that you have understood and agreed to the following terms, and Redgum commits to performing the cleaning service at the residence or office within the agreed time period.
Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding Redgum’s Terms of Service. 


  • Creating dignified, secure jobs with a decent wage for our members and future members, and to provide ecologically responsible, safe and hygienic cleaning services of the highest standard to our clients..
  • Making our best effort, while recognising that we are not perfect and are always learning. We always welcome feedback from clients as to ways we can improve our service.
  • Communicating openly and promptly with clients around any changes to our schedule, services or pricing, or any issues arising from our work at the client’s property.
  • Conducting ourselves with respect and mindfulness towards our clients, their privacy, home, and property.
  • Providing a safe and dignified work environment for our members.

Redgum has both comprehensive public liability and workcover insurance. All our cleaners are members, except for any trainees. Any trainee who is still completing the 6 month trial period before becoming a member will always be accompanied by an experienced member during cleaning.

All of us (as members) own a share in the co-operative business, and are bound to uphold a code of conduct to act responsibly in the best interests of the co-operative. We only admit people into Redgum who we trust, and who have proven to be a reliable member of the team during their trial period – we wouldn’t go into business with anyone else!

Getting Ready


Unless other arrangements are made, your clean will occur between 9am-5pm on your regularly scheduled day. If your schedule only allows for cleaning at certain times, we will try our best to accommodate. However, as the other cleaning jobs we have scheduled for the day may vary in time, we cannot guarantee a precise arrival time at your property. If you need to change our regular arrival time, please give us plenty of notice (at least 24 hours, see Rescheduling). If for any reason we need to reschedule due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances, we will give you as much notice as possible.

  • We ask clients to give as much notice as practicable if they need to cancel or reschedule their clean. This helps us greatly with our rostering and scheduling.
  • As a minimum, we require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a clean, otherwise you may incur a fee of up to 50% of the quoted price to help us cover lost wages and admin fees.
  • If timely notification is not given on three separate occasions, your service may be suspended.

More About Rescheduling:

  • We try our best to be flexible where a client may need to reschedule a clean to a different time or day than usual, however it may not always be possible.
  • Our ability to reschedule depends on staff availability on a given day, and which area of Melbourne our members are working. We organise our cleaning timetable so jobs in a given area are grouped together, which helps us keep travel costs and clients’ prices down.
  • Rescheduling to a time or day where extra travel will be needed to perform the job may incur an extra cost to cover additional travel.

Though we understand it isn’t always possible, it’s very helpful to our scheduling when clients are able to give us a relatively wide window of time within which we can access the property for cleaning. For this reason, we ask repeat clients to give us access to a key, rather than arranging to be home to let us in.

Key access:

  • We strongly recommend regular clients to use a key safe – this allows a greater flexibility for scheduling their clean (you don’t need to be home), and is more secure than hiding a key. We can supply a key safe for a $25 deposit which is refundable if and when you no longer require its use. We can easily install it in a discrete spot on the outside of the property. All codes are kept securely.
  • Of course, clients are still welcome to hide a key, but we do not recommend this for security reasons. 
  • While key safes are most preferred, we can also take a spare key and have a location to secure them in, separate from any identifying information. 

If we arrive at your home within the scheduled window for cleaning and cannot get into the property, you may incur a fee to account for either

    • 1) a last minute cancellation or rescheduling of the job, or

    • 2) extra travel or other lost time, either incurred by waiting to be granted access or needing to return to complete the clean later in the day (this may not always be possible).

      We will always knock/ ring and attempt to call the client, and wait 5 minutes before leaving. If you are expecting to run late to let us in, please let us know as soon as possible.


We hope clients don’t “clean” before we arrive but picking up and removing items from surfaces you would like to have cleaned will allow us to do a more detailed and higher quality job. To avoid breakages we will not clean heavily cluttered areas (shelving, countertops, etc). It is your responsibility to alert us to any fragile items or “booby-traps” (precariously situated or easily damaged items) prior to the clean.

We generally prefer the property to be unoccupied while cleaning as this helps us be more efficient and give the best rate possible. If that’s not possible, we ask clients to avoid using the shower and kitchen during the clean. Ideally, the client is able to stay in one room (e.g. the office or playroom) which can be left until last.


    We love pets, but ask clients to secure any non-human loved ones that may be a threat to us while cleaning. Please inform us if there are pets that shouldn’t be allowed outside. For OH&S reasons we cannot clean up after sick pets or pet accidents.

      Our Cleaning Services

      For a list of what is included in Redgum’s cleaning services, please see the Services & Pricing section of our website.


      Please contact us a at least a day prior to your appointment if you wish to request an additional or different service so we are able to organise our time and resources accordingly. Members of Redgum may, at their discretion, negotiate to make minor changes or additions during delivery of the service if requested by the client. Depending on the preference of the client, this may entail skipping, or taking less time to perform, certain aspects of the usual service, or an additional cost added to the next invoice if the allocated time for the service is exceeded.

      OUR TEAM

      We try to schedule the same cleaning team (usually 2 members) to clean your home each time. Where this is not possible, any specific details about cleaning your property will be passed on the the assigned team, to help ensure a smooth job and consistently high standard of work.


      Due to our insurance policy and occupational health and safety regulations, we aren’t able to:

      • Empty bins
      • Move heavy furniture
      • Stand on ladders or chairs
      • Handle biohazardous material, insect or rodent infestations (please notify us if these may be present)
      • Vacuum kitty litter (this prevents spread of feline diseases between homes, please sweep up loose kitty litter prior to us coming or leave a brush and dustbin near the litter tray for us to use)
      • Use bleach or chemicals (if there is excessive mold or stains in tile grout, we suggest having the grout professionally re-grouted and sealed).
      • Take off our shoes during cleaning – if you are a shoes-off household, we can discuss us using shoe coverings or special house shoes.

      We make every effort to provide the best and most reliable service, but we acknowledge that mistakes and accidents happen and have put in place processes to ensure feedback is taken into account and appropriate steps are taken to repair or replace damaged items.


      We know giving negative feedback can be awkward, but we really value all kinds of feedback as it helps us improve our services. If a part of the agreed cleaning service was accidentally missed, we will come and fix it at no extra cost if requested. We will also make a note on your account to ensure that we are mindful of your request during subsequent cleans. We appreciate it if clients give us an opportunity to make amends before leaving negative feedback on a public forum.


      We always conduct ourselves with as much care and respect for your belongings as possible, but if a breakage should occur we will notify you on the day and negotiate the best way to move forward. If you discover a broken item it must be reported within 30 days and saved for inspection. We cannot take responsibility for “booby traps” (items broken as a result of being unsecured or situated precariously, or a lack of warning about such items). We have comprehensive public liability insurance with AAMI.

      Pricing & Payments


      Redgum reserves the right to revise or modify these Terms of Service at any time and without prior notice to you. An updated Terms of Service will be published on Redgum’s website.

      You agree that choosing to use any of Redgum’s services following a change to the Terms of Service, whether as a single task or as part of a routine clean, constitutes your understanding to abide and be bound by the updated Terms of Service.


        Our prices are charged at a flat rate based on the average time we estimate the job will take, and may include extra cost to cover travel depending on your location. At any point after an initial clean has been performed, we may adjust the price up or down to more accurately reflect our expenses and the time the job takes. We will always notify you of any price changes and the reason for them well in advance of your next clean. A change in price may also be negotiated if a client wishes to add or subtract cleaning tasks from a job in such a way that will alter the time or equipment required. Depending on the needs of the client and their budget, we can adjust what we do and the thoroughness of the job to suit.

        HOW TO PAY

        Our preferred method of payment is bank transfer to our account:

        Redgum Cleaning Cooperative Ltd
        BSB: 313140
        Account Number: 12146572
        OR, if you have PayID, you can use our ABN: 89515578406

        We also accept payment in cash.


        We are a fully registered cooperative business and comply with all industrial obligations to ourselves, the members, such as wages at the appropriate award rate (including travel time), superannuation and workcover. Other funds go towards expenses such as supplies, administration, taxes, and website costs, with some being re-invested back into the co-operative.

        As a member of the Earthworker Cooperative Network, once we reach a certain level of financial sustainability a portion of our profits will be allocated to supporting the establishment of other sustainable co-operative enterprises, as well as a social justice fund.


        Any contributions you make above the invoiced price will be added to our Community Chest. These funds will be put to use in one of our community initiatives, such as offering discounted or free cleaning services to people on a pension, or funding the installation of locally manufactured solar hot water systems in low-income or social housing.

        If you’d like your contribution to go towards a specific initiative, or have an idea for other ways we can make an impact in our community, please let us know.


        Unless otherwise specified, all prices and quotations are GST exclusive. As of March 22 2018, Redgum is beneath the threshold and is not yet required to pay GST. 

        If GST is payable with respect to anything supplied by Redgum to you, then the sum that you are required to pay for the supply will be grossed up (subject to the receipt of a valid tax invoice) in order for Redgum to retain the original amount after subtracting the GST liability. 
        If a payment has not been settled by the due date listed in the invoice, Redgum will try reasonable means to contact you and ask for the payment. If Redgum is unsuccessful in reaching you or payment is not received, or an agreement regarding payment is not reached before your next scheduled clean (if any), Redgum will assume that you have cancelled the service, and we will charge necessary fees to you in accordance with the Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy above.


        Your privacy is very important to us. Accordingly, we have included this term so you may understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose and make use of personal information.

        • Before or at the time of collecting your personal information, we will identify the purpose(s) for which your information is being collected.
        • We will only collect and use personal information to fulfill those purposes and any incidental purposes, except where we have previously obtained your consent or as required by law. We will only retain personal information as long as necessary for the fulfillment of those purposes.
        • We will collect personal information by lawful and fair means and, where appropriate, with your knowledge and/or consent.
        • Personal information should be relevant to the purposes for which it is to be used, and, to the extent necessary for those purposes, should be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
        • We will protect personal information by reasonable security safeguards against loss or theft, as well as unauthorised access, disclosure, copying, use or modification.
        • We will not share or reveal with any third party any information that you have provided, unless we are required by law.
        • We are committed to conducting our business in accordance with this term to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.



        You agree to indemnify Redgum against:

        • Any liability or loss arising from, and any costs Redgum incurs, if you do not, or are unable to, comply with an obligation you have (including an obligation to pay money) in connection with our services to you and these Terms of Service; and
        • All legal costs (on a full indemnity basis or a solicitor and own client basis, whichever is higher) and other expenses or fees incurred by Redgum in connection with a legal action, demand, arbitration or other proceeding (including compromise, mediation, settlement out of court or appeal, and any action taken in an attempt to recover a debt from you) in respect of our services to you and these Terms of Service.

        All indemnities under the Terms of Service are continuing and will survive termination of the Terms of Service and our services to you.


          Except in cases of death or personal injury caused by either party’s negligence, either party’s liability in contract, tort or otherwise arising through or in connection with Redgum’s services and these Terms of Service, is limited to the fees paid by the client to Redgum and/or a resupply of the service.

          Redgum is not liable or responsible for any of the following:

          • Already existing (prior to the booking of a service) damage, dirt, wear, or stains that cannot be utterly cleaned or is impossible to remove even with reasonable endeavors by Redgum.
          • Any discolouring or wear of fabric or surfaces becoming more noticeable once the presence of dirt has been removed.
          • Any damage or breakage caused by defective or faulty cleaning materials and/or equipment that the client has provided.
          • Any loss incurred as a result of any damage or breakage to goods, valuable items (including but not limited to expensive artworks, items of sentimental value, and antiques) or the property. Such damage will be resolved between the parties in accordance with the Breakages term above.
          • The cost of any locksmith or key replacement fees, unless Redgum has lost the keys.
          • Any damage or loss that a client has incurred as a result a force majeure event, being any event beyond Redgum’s control. Such an event includes but is not limited to extreme weather, emergencies or serious illness, or motor vehicle accidents.
          • Any loss or damage incurred as a result of Redgum’s decision not to finish or grant the service due to:
            • a client’s failure to provide unencumbered access to the property, utility services like electricity and water, and/or a safe working environment;
            • health and safety reasons; or
            • an act or omission of the client or any other individual at the property while the service is being fulfilled or is about to commence.

          To the extent it is lawful, neither party will be liable to the other party for any loss, damage, costs or expenses of any nature whatsoever incurred or suffered by that other party of an indirect or consequential nature, including without limitation any economic loss, data loss, loss of goodwill, or other loss of turnover, profits or business.

          This limitation of liability will survive termination of the Terms of Service and our services to you.


          You may terminate our services by providing us with prior notice of at least 24 hours before a scheduled service.

          We may terminate our services by providing you with prior notice at least 24 hours before the start of a scheduled service. We may immediately terminate our services if you breach any of the Terms of Service and in our opinion the breach is incapable of remedy.


            If any provision or part of these Terms of Service is found void, invalid, or unenforceable, then the provision or part will be deemed severable and the remaining provisions and parts continue to be binding.


              These Terms of Service are governed by the laws of Victoria and the laws of the Commonwealth that apply there. Each party submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of Victoria.